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Clothes hanging on a rack

Peggy Sue Dress Agency

What is a dress agency?

A dress agency is a place where you can buy and sell second-hand good quality clothes, shoes or handbags. They are great places to find nearly new dresses, outfits, shoes and accessories at a fraction of their original cost. 

How it works


Step 1

Bring your items to store between 11am and 4pm Thursdays and Fridays

Your item(s) must be 'in season' i.e.- we accept summer items in summer, winter items in winter..

We accept casual wear, evening wear, bags, hats, shoes (sorry -no wedding outfits or wedding dresses).

Limited to 8 items per customer

They must be-

No more than 3 years old

As new condition

Washed and pressed

Without tears and blemishes 

Step 2

Agree on a price

Together a sale price is agreed. We ask you to be flexible on price to enable us to sell your item..

If your item(s) sell you will receive 50% of the sale price.

Step 3

We sell your item

Once your item(s) are put on display, they remain on sale for 4 weeks

We ask you to be flexible on price to enable us to sell your item(s)

Step 4

After 4 weeks

Pop back to the shop to either collect your share of the sale price or collect your item(s) that have not been sold

Extra information

If your item(s) do not sell in the first 4 weeks, all unsold items will be removed from the shop floor and stored for 2 weeks

During this 2 week period please collect your items that have not sold.

Any unsold  items that have not been collected after 6 weeks from the original start date (the date you bring your item(s) to store) will be donated to charity.


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